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How it works

Stayamo lets any vacation rental owner or hospitality team exchange free stays for promotions from top content creators.

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“Stayamo has been a godsend

for me as a property manager. Having one location where influencers can come find my properties helps me turn vacant nights into marketing campaigns with ease. It’s amazing!”

- Brad Klopman | The Cohost Company (@TheCohostCompany)


Three easy steps


1. Create a listing

Signup and list your home or hotel. Once approved, your property will be instantly exposed to hundreds of top photographers and influencers.

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2. find influencers

After your property is listed, content creators will start to reach out. Accept the ones you’d like to work with, and pass on the ones you don’t — it’s all up to you.

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3. Collab and collect

When you find a content creator you like, you can chat with them directly on Stayamo, plan dates, and swap a free stay for stunning photos.


Content Creators for Any Property

From cabins to castles, Stayamo features hundreds of content creators with a total network reach of over 50 million followers.


keep it clean

With every listing on Stayamo, you can choose to cover the cost of cleaning, or pass this on to the influencer.


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