Where are your homes?

Stayamo features homes on almost every continent.

Do you offer insurance for homeowners or travelers?

All Stayamo visits are booked through Airbnb, VRBO, or HomeAway, or through the hotel, then reimbursed by the host. This ensures that every visit is insured, while also allowing the influencer to leave a review.

Who pays for cleaning fees?

Most of our hosts choose to pay the cleaning fees or tidy up the homes after a collaboration, but hosts may also opt to charge the fee to influencers. All influencers are expected to act courteously while visiting.

What do influencers exchange for a free stay?

Influencers are required to feature at least one post on social media about their visit, alongside providing photos for the host to use. You can learn more about our Marketplace Rules.

What are your fees?

Stayamo is currently a free platform. Hosts and influencers do not have to pay a fee to use our services.

What influencers do you work with?

In order to ensure hosts gain the highest value from promotions, we primarily work with travel influencers. Our influencers’ followings range from 5,000 to 1M+ — we focus on creators with stunning photography and high engagement.

Any other questions?

Send us a note at [email protected]