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How it works

Stayamo connects travel influencers with hosts looking for exposure. Once approved by our team, you’ll be able to explore a world of homes + hotels and exchange photos for free stays.


1. Find a Property

Whether you’re planning a weekend trip or a yearlong journey, you can use Stayamo’s filters, map, or search bar to find the perfect spots to visit.


2. Reach out

After finding the perfect place to stay, simply contact the host on Stayamo. If they like your work, they’ll respond, and you can plan a date to collaborate.


3. Promote and plan

Upon completion of a visit, influencers are required to post at least one photo of their visit on their main social media account, plus provide the host with 10 photos to use.

After that, you can explore the next home to visit.

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“Stayamo allows me

to express my creativity in a new way. I'm a landscape/adventure photographer so being able to shoot around a beautiful property is challenging but super fun! It provides for more affordable travel and a unique purpose to visit an area.”



What We look for

Do you think you can bring hosts value? If so, we’d love to work with you. Here’s our general criteria.


Travel niche

The vast majority of our influencers fall within the travel category. If you command a following of folks wanting to wanderlust, we’d like to work with you.



Strong engagement

We do not require a minimum following to join Stayamo, but most influencers accepted have photos consistently grossing over 1,000 likes, an excellence in photography, and a high engagement rate.



A history of collaboration

Stayamo is built to be mutually beneficial. Influencers that join are just as passionate about their hosts being successful as they are with their own content.


“Stayamo helped me

land free stays for my upcoming road trip. I can stay at these places in exchange for photographs — it’s awesome!

- @EthanAbitz


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