Influencer Code Of Conduct

Free stays cost Airbnb hosts money.

Whether that’s a direct cost (like paying for house cleaning the next day) or an indirect costs (like revenue lost from not booking the night), hosts are giving up money for you to visit. As a result, we ask every influencer to please be respectful of the home, while offering these services at a minimum.

1 At Least One Social Media Post

We ask every influencer to add one post to their main social media account about their visit. This post should include a direct link to the host’s social media profile or a link to book.

2 10 Photos For The Host To Use

Airbnb hosts need content for their social media channels. Please provide a minimum of 10 high-quality photos for the hosts to use for their own marketing purposes, such as their listing page, social media channels, or internal marketing.

Please note, we’ve found some of the most successful outcomes result from influencers providing 20-30 processed photos for hosts to use.

3 Cooperate With The Host

If the host has a shot list, or certain photos they’d like taken of the home or hotel, please cooperate with the host to provide some of these photos. Going the extra mile to fulfill these requests helps improve your rating to find future free stays.

Host Code Of Conduct

Influencers need inspiring content to keep their audiences engaged.

While it’s respectful to collaborate with the influencer and request certain shots or details, please do not make demands of the influencer after the initial post and deliverables have been met, while also adhering to these rules below.

1 Book The Dates On Airbnb, VRBO, Etc.

To mark the promotion, please block out the dates on either Airbnb, VRBO, or any service used to fulfill guest visits. This will help prevent any cross bookings from other platforms.

You may also choose to book the visit through one of these channels to provide insurance for the visit, alongside the chance to leave a 5-star review.

2 Ensure A Clean And Comfortable Stay

Like any regular booking, you must ensure each influencer collaboration is treated like a paying guest. That includes providing local assistance and support during influencer stays, as well as a clean and comfortable home.